Why Am I Here?

Britania Group of Islands, Surigao Del Sur, Philippines

Why am I here?

I guess that is the question that most of us, if not all, are asking. Why am I here in the world? Why am I here in this place? Why am I in this situation? Why? And that is also probably one of the most difficult questions to answer.

Well, why am I here? I am not an expert in blogging. I am actually fairly new in the blogging universe. I am not an expert in writing as well. I do not consider myself a writer. I have also not yet found my “niche”. I do not know what my brand will be. I do not even know if I would get some views, more so, likes and comments.

So why am I really here?

I guess the list below are some of the reasons as to why I am here, in this new world, blogging.

  1. I have always wanted to start a blog ages ago. I just haven’t found the courage to do so. The courage to let other people read my writing. As what I have previously mentioned, I do not consider myself a writer.
  2. I want to have an avenue to express my thoughts and emotions. I am a jolly and bubbly person. Most of the time, I consider myself an extrovert. I love being with people. I love sharing stories with them. I love talking. But there are just some things that I find very difficult to share, things that I badly want the world to know or feelings that I really want to express.
  3. I want to be able to inspire others. At such a young age, I have been through A LOT. I have often wondered if I was just born unlucky or if I did something terrible during my childhood deserving of all the bad things happening in my life. I got depressed so bad that at one point, I did try to take my own life (and I thank God that it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to be). BUT, I am still here. I am now happier. I was able to battle through all those downs. I am a better person now and I want to be able to share to others how I was able to bring myself up from the ground.
  4. I want to share my travel experiences. I LOVE travelling. If I had the money, I would have traveled the whole world already. Well, who wouldn’t, right? I love the feeling of being in unfamiliar places. I get excited with the thought of meeting new people. I am amazed of how people in different places have different cultures. And I want to be able to share that happiness and excitement with others.

So there. Those are basically the main reasons on why I am here. Of course, I will be adding some more topics to that list along the way. Who knows? I might get good at blogging. There might come a time that I won’t only get likes or comments, but FOLLOWERS as well.



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    1. Why am I here?? I have to be somewhere sometime in a universe that has everything. There are two things in the universe: energy, and information; and, information is the conformation of energy. That conformation must be in differentiated closed circuitry, that there be something to move out of the way and fill in behind in the one substance, energy. Enough differentiation causes consciousness so that, in turn, the matrix of energy is thereby differentiated and therefore conscious.
      It was found that in outer space there are automatic differentiations wherever there is enough nothingness, for, the infinitesimal point nothingness, . , is rastered by time into timespace, U , which exerts its oneness in one direction, /, stirring closed circuitry, O, that all going the same way, vO^XvO^, repels, X, forcing confluency, =, back into undifferentiation.
      The force of stirring, /, is different on either side of a circuit in this process due to the value of pi going from zero to higher values, and thereby there is a different amount of force on either side of the circuit thereby allowing the circuit to circulate.
      The friction is caused by the Planck’s volumes. Nothing can be smaller than Planck’s volume. The infinitesimal point nothingness is absolute nothingness, nothing. As said “nothing” can be smaller than Planck’s volume.
      This process is eternal, therefore, energy is eternally conscious, and has been called God.


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