Appreciate Him – Day 4

I appreciate you waking up so early in the morning just to pick me up from work.

When I say early, I mean really early. You go to work in the morning and I go to work at night. My shift ends at around 3:30 in the morning (Philippines Standard Time) and you wake up before that time so that I wouldn’t need to wait for you as soon as I end my shift. When I get out of the office, you are already there, waiting outside, ready to give me a kiss! It relieves me of all the stress I get from work. Just 1 kiss from you and all the negative energy from work just disappears. I know the struggle of waking up so early and I even get a hard time keeping myself from being grumpy. But you do it so well. You are a ray of sunshine and you just brighten up my day (well, I mean my night since I’m a vampire).

Thank you Mi Amore!


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